Senior Product Engineer

Jim is our resident nerd — he’s earned this badge of honor for his ability to take on any technological challenge and push through with super hero bravado. His role at Advoque stems from his special gift, running our cutting-edge digital efforts, along with being on our development team for all custom programming needs.

Recently, he contributed to the design and fabrication of a completely robotically controlled CNC router for our internal use in building displays and conceptual prototypes for our clients. Jim also engineered several automation robots for our packaging and kitting lines that have sped up our production significantly – this would not have been remotely possible without his Trekkie skill set.

Majoring in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University, Jim spends much of his free time driving his Audi sports car in the mountains and at track days, flying model helicopters, building custom solar panels, gaming with friends and family, and riding his quad with other Advoque staff.

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